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Why Leitourgia Press?

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in getting your book published. I've always been a writer. My classmates in college requested a copy of my notes if they ever missed a class because they knew I was careful to listen and record the ideas in a comprehensible way. Journaling has been one of the ways I've re-calibrated my thoughts and feelings on an almost daily basis for many years of my adult life. As a practicing marriage and family therapist, I am constantly taking notes in my sessions, trying to capture the essence of what the person across from me is trying so desperately to express. But writing a book is very different…at least that is what I always thought, until I did it. I have started to write numerous books, given them titles, outlined the chapters and then let them go by the wayside, finding a resting place in a remote folder on my laptop. Then my favorite cheerleader put on the pressure. My wife, who has always been my greatest inspiration, challenged me to finish one of those books. It took almost four years, but finally it all came together. The topic I chose to write about came naturally as an outgrowth of my work as a therapist over three decades. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, which is why I started Leitourgia Press. Most of us will never be on the New York Times Best-Selling List of Authors, but that shouldn't preclude us from getting our stories in print. What I learned through the publishing process was astounding and it birthed the idea in me that perhaps I could help others get their stories in print so they could be shared and read by countless others who would find inspiration, encouragement and help.

I'm often asked why I chose the name "Leitourgia". It is a Greek word that is usually translated "liturgies". The common definition for "liturgies" is a customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances. Doesn't that describe our lives? We're all just living out our stories…our liturgies. In doing therapy I get the distinct honor of sitting with people who are usually in a serious state of pain or even crisis. They share their liturgies with me and I have a chance to help them find the next chapter or sometimes just the next word. Dedicated to honor the sacred trust they place in me, naturally their stories remain secret, never expressed outside the walls of my office. But sometimes a story needs to find expression in a different way…through a broader platform. And sometimes the telling of that story is healing in itself. Leitourgia Press (LP) is my effort to give people that platform. If you are one of those people with a story to tell, give me a call…send me an email…share your idea. I'd love to help.

Dr. Tim