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I established Liturgies because I believe in the power of a story. Whether that story is shared in a counseling session, a workshop, with the help of a horse, or in a book…a story is a powerful thing. If you are an author, I might be able to give you a platform. If you are struggling, I might be able to help you through it. Through direct Counseling, Publishing efforts, and our Speaking Engagements, I can help you take the next step. Contact me today to begin the conversation.

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THE LITURGY OF FAMILY: The Musings of a Catholic Dad

by Scott Seibert, MSW, LCSW
All of life is a liturgy and family is one of the most delightful liturgies of all. Scott Seibert illustrates this beautiful dance as he shares from his life, his faith and his heart in a way that can inspire all of us who want to find all the joy in family that is possible.  

Scott's book reads like his life—open and authentic. Through his exposition of the faith and his beautiful stories of life he weaves a tapestry of family that is so vital in today's society. We need desperately to recover a Sacramental perspective on our closest relationships if we are to effectively live out the tenets of Christianity and show the world what that means for family. Read it and you'll see why people are touched and inspired when they hear Scott speak.

— Dr. Timothy Heck

Liturgy of Family

When the world tells us "be more productive" God tells us "be more present". When the world tells us "make more money" God tells us "make more memories". Scott's work here is in perfect alignment with God's Word. Family life is more about being present, about making memories and about the messiness of everyday life. The liturgy of the church is "the work of the people" and "The Liturgy of Family" (the domestic church) is precisely that, the work that we do as a family, being present and making memories and then transforming the lives of our family.

— Claudio Mora
Director of Family Life
Diocese of Dallas

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— Timothy Heck, PhD

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