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Timothy Heck


LITURGY: from the Latin li-tur-gia - a customary repertoire of ideas, phrases, or observances

what's your story?

I think everyone has a story. As a practicing therapist it has been a privilege to hear thousands of those stories over the past 30 years. There is something very powerful about self-expression, whether it be in a professional setting with a therapist, sitting with a friend having a cup of coffee, painting on a blank canvas or journaling. In fact, last year ago I was trained in a form of expressive psychotherapy that involves working with a client in a context with horses (Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy).

My wife frequently reminds me of the words of Mother Teresa, "God writes with crooked lines". I think that's her way of saying what I have always believed as well, that our lives don't have to be linear, ordered and run according to some deliberately mapped out plan. My own life is a testimony to the truth of that statement. As a child I loved to draw and create. In working with people in therapy it gives me the opportunity to help them draw the next season of their lives and create something good, regardless where they've been, what they've experienced or the messes they may have made along the way (we all have "messy" chapters to our stories).

Coaching, Counseling & Speaking

Professional Services with DR. Timothy Heck

I am licensed to provide professional counseling services within the state of Indiana. However, sometimes a person's needs can be addressed through a Coaching format online. I also am happy to speak at events on a variety of topics, as well as provide workshops and retreats.

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Liturgies is a private company dedicated to the propogation of the Christian faith and care of the hurting through direct services, books, workshops, retreats and talks.